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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vastu For Bathroom & Toilets

Vastu For Bathroom & Toilets

Bathroom and toilets

One of the most important part of the residence is bathroom and toilet . These should be built strictly according to vastu principals and should be very neat and clean . Position of water taps , geyser's , water outlets are very important factors

Location for bathroom

An ideal bathroom -toilet is located in south or west of the house . One should always face north or west while using the toilets . It is much more important that there should be no bathroom or toilet in the east or north side of the residence .While taking bath it is good if you face east but never sit facing south while taking bath

Effect of wrongly designed bathroom

If there is a bath room in the east or north of the establishment , it will lead to a dangerous quarrels or even death of a young one .

Water and fitting

East-north or west wall of bath room is ideal direction for water fittings but not at all in south wall of the residence .

Geyser fitting

South , East or West are respectively good for geyser fitting but it is not desirable to fit a geyser in the north direction .

Srikant Rawas
This Article is Taken from MHO


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